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Welcome to
The Night Embassy Johannesburg

Right now, it’s not safe for us to enjoy Nightlife thoroughly. In order for us to protect one another and the underground scene as a whole, we’re called to hold back to move forward.

For us to experience the unbridled self-expression and unlimited creativity that Night Embassy brings, our remaining residencies for Kombonation and Dormant Youth will be postponed until 2022.

The Night Embassy Joburg residency programme supports creative communities, bringing our chosen Ambassadors' artistic empires to life, by providing mentorship and guidance from our Creative Board, production support from Jägermeister, and the necessary financial resources needed.

It's all about creating spaces where people and communities can truly express themselves and be who they want to be.

Meet our

Disruptors, visionaries, trend setters, Nightlife curators and culture shapers - these are The Night Embassy Johannesburg’s Ambassadors of the Night. 

Meet the
of the Night
Nov 12 - Nov 14
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Nov 18 - Nov 20
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- postponed -
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Currently no events are planned

And so, it begins. 

The Night Embassy by Jägermeister is all about creating ‘Freiraum’, space for unbridled self-expression and unlimited creativity. A conceptual and physical playground for world-building and dream-weaving, in which people can truly be who they want to be, no matter who they are. 
Four collectives have been selected as the Ambassadors of the Night . They are working under the mentorship of our ace Creative Board, utilising Jägermeister’s production and promotional resources to bring their anything-goes cultural residencies to Johannesburg’s Nightlife. 

They have each selected fit-for-purpose areas and locations with carte blanche to build their own creative playgrounds for themselves and their communities, limited only by their imagination.  
By providing this Freiraum, we give the Ambassadors the tools and freedom to craft unforgettable experiences for all nightlife communities to appreciate and enjoy. 

With the rich diversity of communities represented by the Ambassadors, from photography, music, architecture, streetwear and skating, we’ll watch a truly unified Embassy unfold and make history together.
It’s your world. 
Let’s Create it.

How to

Applications for the Night Embassy Johannesburg is closed.

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The Night Embassy is about to shine a light on Joburg's most promising young creators, nurture a new crop of creative pioneers, and examine the evolution of content across some of the edgiest, up-and-coming communities and emerging spaces.

We're about to redefine nightlife and change lives, and by subscribing to our newsletter, you'll be first in line to watch it all unfold.

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