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Hello Joburg
We're here

Welcome to Night Embassy, Johannesburg. 

A residency programme devised to support creative nightlife communities by providing mentorship and guidance from a world-class Creative Board made up of exceptional South African creatives, productional support from Jägermeister, and the necessary financial resources required to make your artistic empires come to life.

It’s a space for self-expression and exploration of the outer limits of Joburg’s vibrant nightlife. 

It’s Freedom, Freiraum, Inkululeko Indawo, Vula SIthuba, Gratis Spasie, Nafasi Ya Bure.
It’s where creative communities converge to change the rules and restructure paradigms. 
It’s a space for everyone and anything. 


Every journey of self-discovery starts with that first step. This is yours.

Our application process is an essential part of picking the Ambassadors of the Night ready to make a mark and set this scene alight. 

Grab your crew, you know what to do.

Meet our
creative board

The Night Embassy is a space for unbridled creative expression, where we support and bring awareness to multifaceted, up-and-coming nightlife communities often overlooked by the mainstream.

Meet a multifaceted, unapologetically talented group of creative pioneers that embody the cultural cross-section of the Jozi Nightlife Scene. 

Say hello to our Creative Board.

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The Night Embassy by Jägermeister is all about creating ‘Freiraum’, space for unbridled self-expression and unlimited creativity. A conceptual and physical playground for world-building and dream-weaving, in which people can truly be who they want to be, no matter who they are. 
Four collectives (or individuals) will be selected to become Ambassadors of the Night. They will be given a purpose-fit space somewhere in Joburg that suits their needs, and they’ll be granted total autonomy to use it in any way they envision, building their own creative kingdom, for themselves and their communities.
By providing this Freiraum, mentorship through our world-class Creative Board, and relevant productional and promotional support and resources, we’ll give our ambassadors the tools and inspiration to bring their vision to life and craft unforgettable experiences for the Jägermeister family to enjoy – which means EVERYONE.
And, as we source these ambassadors across diverse communities such as Fashion and Music, Dance, Content and Styling, the LGBTQIA+ family, Poetry, Film, and many other sectors of society, we’ll watch a truly unified embassy unfold and make history, together.
This is your world. 
Now, create it.

How to

Ready to kickstart your creative future and forge an unforgettable legacy alongside our Creative Board?
Here’s how:

Register your details below.  You will then be redirected to a page where an application form can be downloaded.  An email will also be sent to you with the form attached.

Wait to hear back from us! 

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The Night Embassy is about to shine a light on Joburg's most promising young creators, nurture a new crop of creative pioneers, and examine the evolution of content across some of the edgiest, up-and-coming communities and emerging spaces.

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